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Take it easy queasy!

EazyQueasy is the most-effective & all-natural herbal remedy to eliminate symptoms of motion-sickness such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and anxiety.
Proven effective for use in planes, trains, and automobiles! 
No unwanted side effects!
Order your EazyQueasy herbal formula today!

Currently available in 0.5g capsules. 50 capsules per bottle.

Simply take 3-5 capsules 1 hour before travel. 

And every 4 hours as needed. 

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Image by Lisa Hobbs
Image by Katherine Hanlon


EazyQueasy was created by Dr. Naomi E Campbell L.Ac, D.A.C.M. in Denver, CO for the wellness needs of a patient whom requested an effective herbal formula for her 10-day cruise. She commonly suffered from severe motion sickness symptoms while on the open sea. She despised taking OTC medications for motion-sickness as they made her feel lethargic & foggy-headed.

Dr. Naomi created this proprietary blend of herbs for her patient, and it delightfully worked like a charm! The patient had no motion-sickness symptoms for the entirety of her cruise, and furthermore, no unwanted side-effects! Check it out and buy yourself a bottle today!

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